Group decisions and actions are too often taken for granted. The process of arriving at a true consensus upon which to base actions is not trivial and can be very demanding, depending on the organizational culture and the importance of the group outcome. A clear understanding of group dynamics and how to achieve group norms is imperative to positive results. Facilitation requires the leader to be engaged in the group activities but not to own them. Proper facilitation will lead to the group taking over the process because they identify with the group norms and have achieved a group identity.

Groups in Transition

Often, when groups are faced with the need to evolve, creating a new direction based on shared Values, Vision and Mission produces a clear consensus and a focused outcome. This is best accomplished in a workshop setting where I guide you and your people to identify what still works and is worth keeping, what has run its course and needs to be let go and what you want for yourselves, from yourselves and for the organization in the future. This process can uncover deeply help beliefs and ideals that often serve as the basis for new direction and new commitment within a group or an entire organization.

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− Lonnie Weiss, Certified Meeting Facilitator ~ President, Weiss Consulting

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