Ergonomics Consulting

I provide a wide range of consulting services, from simple assessments to more complex analyses. But always focused on determining the core of the situation and creating options to set things right.

Work Setting Evaluation

Work place design is critical to achieving productivity, quality and risk control objectives. My experience in the creation of ergonomic guidelines for office settings and semi-conductor manufacture is applied to your setting to determine if design elements present ergonomic risks. We look at the interaction of the physical workplace with the requirements of the tasks. If any imbalances or mismatches are found, these become the focus for interventions or improvements.

Work Analysis

There is a wealth of knowledge concerning human capabilities and limitations. All proper ergonomic analysis identifies the requirements of the tasks in question and compares them to these know human characteristics. If a task requirement out strips a human capability, the risk of injury in creases, along with the risk of reduced productivity and quality. There are several well-verified tools that allow a quantification of potential risks, based on the identified task requirements. This level of assessment goes beyond mere behavioral aspects to the core of work design approaches.

Product Design Review

Designs of products or work settings offer robust areas to assess and refine ergonomic aspects to reduce risk, or enhance function or productivity. The ergonomic model of identifying potential conflicts between work, or work setting, requirements and human capabilities and limitations is applied to any design in process. The potential mismatches are determined and the indicated alterations are developed to minimize or eliminate the conflict.

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What Our Clients Say:

"“I went back to your input several times. Your insider perspective on engineers and process definitely informed my design.”"

− Lonnie Weiss, Certified Meeting Facilitator ~ President, Weiss Consulting

"‘You’ve been such a tremendous help to us…”"

− Christine Hawkins, FMP, Sr. Facilities Manager, Solta Medical