Ergonomics Consulting

Honed by over 30 years of experience, my ergonomics approach is design based and system oriented, striving to improve overall performance while reducing risks. True ergonomic methods are far from mere behavioral or training interventions, but is based in a proper understanding of human capabilities and limitations.



The most talented staff will underperform if they don’t operate in a cohesive, focused manner. I facilitate people through a process to help them identify and own the personality of the group. In this way, they align their decisions and actions to achieve shared goals. Individuals gain new clarity on their sense of purpose and what they want their future to look like.


Work Stress

What is often seen as an insidious problem can be turned into an opportunity for individuals to clearly define their core beliefs and direct their energy and talent in positive and meaningful ways. Organizational characteristics that present an elevated risk for work stress are identified and options for change are developed.

What Our Clients Say:

"“I went back to your input several times. Your insider perspective on engineers and process definitely informed my design.”"

− Lonnie Weiss, Certified Meeting Facilitator ~ President, Weiss Consulting

"‘You’ve been such a tremendous help to us…”"

− Christine Hawkins, FMP, Sr. Facilities Manager, Solta Medical

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